Dragon Collection

Dragon Collection- Miniatures

The culmination of the experience we’ve gained in producing top-notch miniatures so far, the Dragon Collection is a masterpiece, even for our own high standards. Keeping with our tradition of using miniatures to bring life to our games, the Dragon Collection presents five huge dragons, each one deeply tied to the lore of Tanares, plus our “one and only” Dragon Queen. After many tweaks and much effort to make it as affordable as possible for players, this high-end product was voted the #1 most-awaited miniatures game or add-on of 2020 by Board Game Geek. Perfect for any dragon fan, player or not, and even more perfect when partnered with Arena: The Contest and Tanares Adventures.

 Five of the most impressive miniatures you will find, packed together and ready to play or paint.
Stunning prepainted or unpainted versions to best fit your personal preference and needs.
Miniature scale for comparison