Tanares Adventures

Tanares Adventures – Miniatures

Tanares Adventures takes the vast possibilities and great immersion of its predecessor to the next level. The miniatures — a key and beloved part of Arena: The Contest — also got a boost in this expansion.  More than 60 new miniatures depict the large variety of Heroes, Monsters, and Villains with the same premium quality that we are known for, bringing to your tables durable products, professionally designed and manufactured, with an ever-increasing high level of detail. These new minis bring to life some of the most coveted and praised figures in the market, for players, collectors, and hobby/professional figure painters alike.

New playable Heroes and the new Combat Role spice up your strategies and tactical decisions, from casual games to Tournament matches.
Each crossover character will have a Hero version and a Villain version, each with a unique feature that refers directly to their original game´s mechanics.
As the challenges posed by the Villains and foes grew, we assembled a pack with an amazing number and variety of miniatures to spice up your play sessions.
The variety of Bosses has grown as well, and so have their huge miniatures, including Arachne, developed with the help of our community.  These are some of the most impressive figures available, whether you use them in your games or as decoration. (Available in unpainted or prepainted versions.)