About Dragori Games, Inc.

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For tables, not shelves.


Dragori Games is a tabletop game company run by three friends / partners / boardgame enthusiasts: Ale Aboud, Clayton Machado and Dan Alcantara.

Perfectionists, they decided to launch their first boardgame project to the public only after five long years of designing and playtesting, two of those working alongside their country’s top RPG/Tabletop game publisher.

The result was Arena: the Contest, a truly complete game that greatly mixes tactics with strategy, cooperation with competition, and has just the right (small) amount of luck to make it a strategic element that brings people to the edge of their seats, from beginning to end.

You can read more about ARENA in this blog, or at the special page created for the game. ARENA will be submitted to crowdfunding on KickStarter (Q1/2018).