About us

DRAGORI GAMES is a tabletop developer and publisher, responsible for the Kickstarter hits Arena The Contest and the sequel that expands its universe, Tanares Adventures.

Founded with the clear mission of creating board games that would sit on everybody’s tables, not shelves, we quickly earned our reputation as one of the industry’s most respected and praised newcomer companies, by focusing on creating well-designed, highly engaging games where every detail matters, and making them available worldwide and in multiple languages.

As a testament of our commitment to ever-growing excellence, DRAGORI has brought together high-class talents with our in-house established designers, industry standout artists and a hired professional team of playtesters. We have built our own game development methodology and in-company training to ensure that we can deliver memorable entertainment and immersive experience, combining massively playtested mechanics, spectacular visuals, deep lore, and stunning detailed miniatures that follow the highest standards.

All this honest effort has in sight the best gift a board game company can receive: an amazing growing community, which today is our most valuable asset.