Arena: The Contest

Arena: The Contest – Gameplay Features

“Do not pray for easy battles; pray for strenght to overcome the hard ones” 

In Arena: The Contest, a turn-based, tactical combat miniatures game, one to eight players set up teams of Heroes selected from a large and diverse roster, either to face ancient perils together or to have a battle of wits in thrilling showdowns against each other. 

Choose between Cooperative Mode (PvE), where you stand against a cast of frightening Villains and hazards as you seek to accomplish missions, or Competitive Mode (PvP), where teams of Heroes fight each other to see who prevails and takes all the glory.

Cooperative Mode can be played as a series of quicker one-shot Quests or in a continuous Epic Campaign for the ages, where players venture through Tanares, a world of wonders and dangers. Follow a rich and immersive story where tough decisions made by the players shape the pathways of your game, all the way to the climax where you face very tough Dragon Boss Fights and can experience alternate endings.

Many challenges await the Heroes

Competitive Mode can be played as the lighter and fun Capture the Orb, or as a Team Deathmatch, engaging in skirmish battles until one eliminates all opposition. Thanks to our intense playtesting, everyone can play their favorite mighty Hero without having to worry about whether the game is balanced and fair. If you hope to survive, you have to plan ahead, consider your enemies’ moves, and work in harmony with your team.

Feel the thrill of deadly battles

Allowing up to eight players or even solo, the game is designed to fit your personal profile, not the other way around. Put your Heroes to work in an infinitely customizable Battlegrid, interacting with the field to change the dynamics of combat, or set it up in one minute with prepainted boards and a Quickstart Guide. Play immersive sessions, read the whole story or only parts, solve puzzles, or skip them altogether and go straight to the action. Adjust the difficulty level between Daydream, Normal, or Nightmare. Add or remove optional and advanced rules. And do it all in an intuitive way so you can range from fast-paced games with casual players to intense and strategically deep sessions with tournament-level competitors. 

Very unique characters for a unique gaming experience

Beyond each Hero’s Combat Role and stats, you can customize your characters and how you play, optimizing your team´s strategy with experience points, level-ups, scrolls, artifacts, flasks, and heroic actions. There are countless combos and strategies to explore for those who like to build unique synergistic teams and take the best possible actions when your turn comes. Deep tactical nuances lie beneath simple mechanics, streamlined rules, and accessible gameplay. Enjoy hours of fun trying to outlast every foe in your way.

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