Tanares Adventures

Tanares Adventures – Gameplay Features

The much-awaited sequel to the hit Arena: The Contest, Tanares Adventures is a massive semi-open world expansion for the first game that includes more than 200 hours of gaming content, more than 100 Quests, and new game systems and mechanics that increase the possibilities even further, in both Cooperative and Competitive matches. The new AI System feature allows a cooperative or solo playthrough controlling as few Heroes as you want — even just one — as it can determine the actions of the rest of your team — or the opposing team , if you’re willing to venture into a “solo PvP Deathmatch.”

The Cooperative Epic Campaign is more open than ever. You can choose where you go next as you explore many possible branches full of tough decisions. The choices you make along the way will affect what you experience later in the campaign in a lot of surprising ways, not only in the story but also in gameplay aspects of the Quest on the board. 

Divide eight Heroes into two teams, controlled by one to eight players on the same Campaign, and follow them as they travel their separate journeys and reunite for the final mission. Pick where you want to go next on the Adventure Map, or consult the Story Log for incomplete regions you have discovered, as you will have many options at your disposal and different reasons to visit each location rather than following a simple linear path.

The Level UP customization system has been refined and strongly revamped, with Extra Attack Cards, one Skill Tree for each combat role, and other new features, like the City Structures, through which you develop different aspects of your party’s progression. With new ways to spend your resources and a wider action selection on the board, even more synergistic combos and strategies are brought to the table.

Sidequests are self-contained stories (with a beginning and an end) that may relate to the Main Story of the campaign, in the form of extra information and Facts that can modify the Main Quests’ gameplay. Tanares Adventures packs more than 100 unique Quests, including four alternate beginnings. Heroes that do not make it to your Epic Campaign team can become allies that you send — and control — in Sidequests. Even former special huge Bosses from the original campaign have their own content and related Sidequests, giving you a complete sense of story immersion.

Board Tiles and Room Tiles change and expand the Battlegrid. As your party explores them in special events, you can open secret passages, hunt for treasure, find an underground level. With maps that you build as you go and all spoilers hidden in the Journal so you don’t see them while you set the quest up, intensify the dungeon-crawling vibe and play a tense game where you’re not sure what lies ahead.

Every bit of story that can be skipped or might happen in different ways through the interactive narrative developed in the Journal, a new companion gamebook with numbered paragraphs that reveal the alternatives to choose from and how the decisions you make impact your campaign. Organize your progress in your Team Sheet and Story Log, allowing you and your party to keep track of your status and events that have happened so far, keeping the gameplay streamlined even with this much new content.

New characters expand the Competitive and Cooperative modes, bringing a whole new level to your strategic options. A new Combat Role debuts, the Commander, who uses a Companion, both represented in highly detailed miniatures. New special characters like the Medusa and Dragon Queen (only included in the Dragon Collection add-on) add new depth in team drafts and combats. In addition, special crossover characters from other renowned games also join the fray, each with an exclusive feature that refers to the original game´s mechanics. Tanares Adventures is packed with more than 40 new Villains of different kinds and gorgeous miniatures for thrilling matches — with the same playtested balance you’ve come to expect, making all the new content ready for Tournament play. 

Tanares Adventures takes your experience further, with more tactical options, resource management, and difficult decisions, and a heightened feeling of progress and evolution for each Hero. The new features were developed to make players truly feel they are part of a living world with hundreds of possibilities, be it building a City or developing character storylines all the way to an epic ending. Together with Arena: The Contest (the core box is required to play), Tanares Adventures is one of the must-haves miniature dungeon crawlers of all time.

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