Tanares RPG

Why an RPG?

Years ago, during a session of the most popular RPG in the world, we had the idea of trying to play a Player Vs Player match. After some failed attempts, it became clear that the system — as expected — was not suitable for this, since the focus in RPGs is to tell great stories and use a somewhat free imagination in cooperative adventures.

This discussion sparked the embryo of what would be Arena: the Contest, which initially started out as a balanced system to allowed players to face each other in the context above, with a cooperative mode of equal importance that also threaded in this thin line that divides board games from RPGs. The project evolved into an “RPG experience in a box” with no need for a Game Master. 

Dragori Games was created to professionally launch this game after years of playtests and stellar reviews showed how promising it was, and the company has been growing ever since.

Arena: The Contest, our first hit that took the board games scene by storm.

Following the launch of Tanares Adventures and Dragon Collection, the world of Tanares, created to harbor our games, also grew exponentially. With its wealth of details, characters, and stories, it is more than capable of offering countless possibilities for players and enthusiasts. We concluded that an open game system would be ideal at this time to complement the immersion and unleash all the potential the scenario was holding. We thus returned to our roots and decided to launch a complete supplement for the 5th Edition of the world’s greatest roleplaying game, and now we are calling everyone to write their very own story in this fascinating universe.

Tanares World Map
Tanares World Map

Containing three books with rules, adventures, and characters, all developed with a team of experienced hired professionals and featuring highly detailed maps, artwork, classes, feats, monsters, and miniatures, among other exclusive utilities, we believe we have the perfect material for those who have the desire to venture straight into a high-class RPG Adventure with quality material.

A complete set for a complete gaming experience.

Knowing the issues this system can entail, we used all our accumulated experience on developing competitive board games and took great care to maintain balance in the elements. That includes four – truly original – new classes, four original races, a solo mode – dismissing the need for a Master even -, and hundreds of spells, feats, items, backgrounds, and unique illustrations. All that, always bearing in mind their potential for fun, adding diversity and quality to all of your adventures, either in Tanares or in any other scenario that you are currently playing.

The Four New Classes: Dragonblade, Madwalker, Redeemer, Elementalist

In a world with only one Army, which exists to enforce an imperial decree that prohibits the gathering of large armed groups, the Adventurer Team has an even greater relevance in helping the People and making structural changes in the world. To highlight this fundamental aspect of the scenario, we are putting the spotlight on Team Creation as much as on PC creation, with several interesting rewards that change and upgrade according to your Team’s prestige, fame, and reputation in its field of work, alongside a simple system to improve the experience of Heroes fighting other Heroes in the Arena.

Build your very own Team. Make your choices. Face the consequences. Be ready for the FIGHT!

But for those who already know our past history and would like to focus exclusively on the board game universe, we have prepared things with you in mind. Some of the content will be adjusted to games you already own, like the Tanares Adventures version of the heroes from the four iconic classes in the book, as well as miniatures of villains and NPCs that appear in Arena: the Contest and Tanares Adventures, and much more.

Kor´dal and Gazini are between the “old faces” that will be making a comeback in an improved form.
Can you guess who will join them?

We are also proud to highlight our community’s most requested piece. : The impressive Gold Dragon, Isendden, will join its Avatar Dragon peers (from Dragon Collection) in its majestic debut. A central character in the RPG’s Adventure, this magnificent being is ready to make his glorious, fearsome presence felt in tabletop board games as well.

Isendden, The Gold Dragon of Time: The masterfully-sculpted huge miniature. Our Free Gift for backers on the first 24hrs of the KS campaign.

Tanares is a high-fantasy, dystopian, complex, and shifting world where adventurers are rare and high-level adventurers even rarer. In this world your characters feel like Heroes in a super team with the potential to change all aspects of the entire scenario, from politics to society, and even geography. Despite their intrinsic differences, you will experience thrilling adventures and a unique gaming experience in both, RPG and board game sessions. Why choose one if we can create the best tabletops experiences in both universes? We know many players and fans have been waiting, with interest and curiosity, to “experiment the other side.” We´re committed to bridging the gap with high-level games, while helping and welcoming players from both bases.

We urge you to learn more about all of the above with the FREE Sample Package and with the features we will be revealing to the public progressively, starting on August 31st. Get ready to determine the fate of the world and take your game to the next level!