Arena: The Contest


In a world unified by The Empire, where it is forbidden to raise armies and make war all major conflicts get solved in the Arena. There, the best fighters represent the destiny and interests of entire nations. Such fighters are, deservedly so, called Heroes, and their battles, the epicenter of the society. But with an ancient mystery about to be unveiled, how long can this delicate balance of power be sustained?

In Arena: The Contest, a turn-based tactical combat game, players recruit from a wide pool of Heroes, to play among two fully and equally developed modes. In Competitive Mode (PvP), teams fight each other in a deeply tactical and strategic skirmish.
In Cooperative Mode (PvE), players travel through the fantastic world of Tanares in order to solve an ancient mystery, facing a series of challenging events, and tough decisions that modify the course of this epic campaign.



The Core Box has everything you need to start a PvP or Cooperative game of Arena: the Contest. With twelve heroes, a double-sided game board (one of them emptied for you to assemble the Arena of your dreams using our varied Tiles), a huge miniature of a gorgeous, terrible Dragon, and more, you will have fun for countless hours.

Miniatures: 32 figures
Character Sheets: 20 character sheets of Heroes and Bosses
Trays: More than 100 miniatures of Heroes


Books: 4 books
Game Board: Super detailed Game Board




Highly-Detailed Miniature Figures
Each Hero and Foe in the game is represented on the table by highly-detailed miniature figure, depicting their might and abbilities, as much as the the majesty and perils the creatures of Tanares world impose.

Multiple Heroes and Roles
A pool of heroes, divided among different Battle Roles, each with unique traits, features, abilities, and strengths. Choose wisely and build your own Team, opening up an array of personal strategies, tactics, and combos to defeat your opponents.


Many Scenarios
Play through different Quests in a multitude of scenarios, using the game tiles. Build your own tabletop scenarios or play the ones in the Epic Campaign. Many wonders and secrets in an adventure for the ages.

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In Arena: The Contest, a turn-based, tactical combat miniatures game, one to eight players set up teams of Heroes selected from a large and diverse roster, either to face ancient perils together or to have a battle of wits in thrilling showdowns against each other.  Choose between Cooperative Mode (PvE), where you stand against a […]