Dragon Collection

Dragon Collection – Gameplay Features

The Dragon Collection is a classy add-on to both Arena: The Contest and Tanares Adventures, adding further content and experiences to the game. Dragons are some of the most evoked, beloved, and feared imaginary figures for a reason, and even more so in Tanares, where these majestic beings are intrinsically linked with the world’s history, development, tragedies, and mysteries.

This add-on not only introduces masterfully sculpted miniatures depicting their fabulous designs, attacks, and abilities but also offers new gameplay contents with Dragons. It includes new Attack Cards and Bosspads for each Dragon to translate its power and presence to the board.

The collection enables you to play Boss Vs. Boss, a new Competitive (PvP) game mode with a unique set of balanced rules that guarantee a whole lot of fun and replayability, where you can put them face to face until only one remains.

Not only can you control the Dragons as if they were your own Heroes, but they are also involved in a multi-mission Sidequest arc. This mini-campaign arc (set after the Arena: the Contest original campaign and simultaneous with Tanares Adventures’ main campaign) can also be directly integrated as part of your journey in the latter, affecting a new City Structure in a unique and exclusive way. The collection can also influence your outcome with new Dragon-related scenarios and stories, as it opens a line of investigation and adventures aimed at preventing a massive catastrophe, whether by defeating or pacifying these unique creatures. 

Besides these five wondrous Dragons and their miniatures, the Dragon Collection also includes all the components needed to add the Green Dragon and the Dragon Queen to your games, bringing even more excitement to your play sessions.

The Green Dragon is based on and represented by the original (Huge) miniature that was used to depict the Dragon Bosses in Arena: The Contest. Now it has exclusive artwork and has become a unique, fearsome, and distinctive Dragon on its own, with exclusive Pad, Boss Spells, and Attacks.

The Dragon Queen is the jewel of our crown — a “one and only” kind of character that adds value to any collection. She can be either an ally Hero that you control or a tremendous Boss that you can face. Either way, she can use the unstoppable power of the other Dragon Bosses to wreak havoc in the field in unexpected ways. Whether you’re using her many abilities for your side or trying to find a way to defeat her, you’ll need to rely on sharp tactical thinking and strategic analysis. What’s more, the Dragon Queen fills us with pride, as her creation was a combined effort with our amazing fans, proving how we can build great things together and perfectly representing the innovation and reach the Dragon Collection brings to the world of Tanares.

Dragon Collection can be ordered in both, traditionally unpainted or awesome pre-painted versions