Meet Tanares, a high-fantasy campaign setting for the world’s greatest roleplaying game. In Tanares, whenever war was waged, the bloodshed summoned a powerful, frenzied Dragon that buried the civilizations involved, resetting History and forever changing the landscape. This dystopian world is kept together and on a short leash by an Empire that forbids large armed gatherings. Under this decree, and without many powerful adventurers out there, your Team may become one of the most powerful units in the world, and effect real change to all aspects of the scenario. 


Tanares is your go-to setting if you want

∙ a tense, complex, shifting, fragmented, dystopian, high-fantasy world where adventurers are rare and high-level adventurers even rarer; and

∙ to feel that the spotlight is as much on the party as it is on the PCs, letting you experience what it means to be in a Team of Heroes.


Tanares Campaign Sourcebook

With world-class production value and top-notch art, dozens of industry professionals come together to give you a world with a unique identity and endless possibilities. Aiming to help the GM create adventures easily and fast, adventure hooks and suggestions abound, including on how to adapt our countless features to other world. 


∙ Decide whether each of the 4 Avatar Dragons is alive or dead when the campaign begins;

∙ Many vastly different settings, depending on these choices.

∙ A plethora of new, unheard-of monsters, environments, locations, NPCs.

∙ Dozens of unique monsters with an added feature: offcombat challenges.

∙ (Optional) Detailed miniatures and maps for increased immersion;


Player's Guide to Tanares

This extensive hardcover details new species, backgrounds, four new classes, spells, magic items, archetypes for each of the original classes, and much more. Although essential in Tanares, these new elements were extensively playtested to be a real option for any party, in any setting.


∙ Groundbreaking rules and new sheet for the creation of “Teams” — your party’s decisions, allegiances, and actions matter more than ever;

∙ 4 truly original, unique, rigorously play-tested classes for a new level of gameplay — dragonblade, elementalist, madwalker, and redeemer.

∙ New subclasses and archetypes for each of the new and existent classes, with fully-balanced creative options and powers.

∙ Additional, interesting rules for combats in the air (flying mounts), in the arena (PvP), time traveling, and more;

∙ New useful Spells, Feats, Magic Items, Backgrounds, and more.


Adventure In the Realms of Madness

When the ruins of the most powerful kingdom in history become available for exploration, player characters become involved in a frenetic treasure hunt while discovering the world’s deepest secrets.


∙ Unforgettable epic adventure for characters level 3 to 13;

∙ Unique challenges in original puzzles, social interactions, exotic monsters, powerful bosses, and even a murder investigation followed by a trial.

∙ Creation of a “Team” that may build or occupy one of several different headquarters in open-ended sections of a complex world full of intrigue.

∙ Super dungeons with unique features, surprising twists and turns, dragon encounters, portals, treasure hunt, powerful artifacts, and more.



Improve the quality of your adventure — and impress your players and friends — with items that do part of the job for you or leave more room for your imagination. With these immersive add-ons, you will take your campaign to the next level.


∙ Masterfully-sculpted miniatures of dragons, monsters, scenarios, and classes; 

∙ Beautiful dice with an included fun mini game to add to your world; 

∙ Impressive double-sided poster map (World and Capital City); 

∙ Spell and Power Cards — Speed and entertainment in your sessions

∙ Useful app with new plot hooks, live world events, dice simulation, and other resouces.