Niary, the Hunter – Introduction

Female Elf Hero Niary the Hunter

WARNING: Although no previous reading is required to play Arena: the Contest, Niary’s story may be considered a Prologue to the events depicted in the game’s Campaign Tome [Player v Environment Game Mode].


Niary Henbeddestr is a prodigious girl. An excellent archer, she excelled in the exam for guardian of one of the oldest forests in Tanares, where an elven community that once belonged to the extinct Mystic Kingdom lives [1].

One of her first missions as a Guardian was to help a humane Village confront beasts that came from the Wasteland. The battle had terrible results, deepening Niary’s resentment against humans, seen as incompetent and inferior [2].

In spite of this, Niary helped (and was helped) by Brutus, a human scholar who had traveled to the Region to follow a clue to solving the problem of the ever-expanding Wasteland [3].

Niary decided to help Brutus reunite with his lost group, but their adventure put them in the path of the Shadow Wing, an extremist group that aims at the end of the world through the unimpeded expansion of Wasteland [4-5].

As if that were not enough, Brutus’ recklessness led him to be captured and imprisoned by Orcs that held the artifact that could wipe out Wasteland. Thus, Niary was left alone, with a knowledge that could save the world [6]

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[1] Performance report. Guardian Drills and Physical Exam. Class of 165/166, #04.

[2] The Rescue of Ventana Village (coming soon)

[3] Brutus Forlynd’s little black notebook. Excerpt. (coming soon)

[4] Misadventures with Brutus – Part 1 (coming soon)

[5] Shadow Wing’s extraordinary meeting. Undisclosed location. (coming soon)

[6] Misadventures with Brutus – Part 2 (coming soon)

[7] Epilogue (coming soon)

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