Niary – Chapter One

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[I] (Performance report – Guardian Drills and Physical Exam – Niary Henbeddestr)


Class: Year 165/166, Imperial Age.

Evaluator: Dympna Hotuaekhaashtait.

Examinee: Contestant Nº 04 – Niary Henbeddestr

Age: 18

Height: 2¾ Black-anu arrows.

Flexibility: irreproachable.

Balance: irreproachable.

Weapon: Sindile Spruce Bow.

Targets HIT: Static: 100% (tied – 1st);

Dynamic: 100% (tied – 1st);

Combat simulation: 100%. (1st)

Progressive difficulty: 69 targets (1st – All time)

40-yard dash: 4 seconds (2nd);

100-yard dash: 8 seconds. (3rd)

Overhead log lifting1 minute: 26 reps. (2nd)

Tree-branch slapping: 7 arrows tall (1st)

Standing broad jump over stream: 2½ arrows leap (2nd)

Niary stats
Niary’s gameplay grades. Click here to learn what each atribute means.

Comments: High Council of Elders, forgive the small conflict of interest; the Guardian originally assigned to evaluate #04 was detained in the entourage that you decided to create to investigate the actions of the human pilgrim who recently entered our forest from the West.

Ten years ago, when the orcs of Eferhild village decided to abandon the inhospitable Tsvetan Desert and make our forest their new home, the first elves to die were Niary’s parents. She would be the next one if I had not saved her.

In response to the invasion, you have created a group of Elite Guardians, to watch over the edge of the forest. I was one of its first members. Since then, Niary, my adopted daughter, reveals a deep desire to become a Guardian, but I never wanted it for her, for, since I saved her, I want to continue to keep her from the dangers of this life.

Thus, if there were any biased assessment on my part, it would be to avoid that #04 became a Guardian; but, let me make it clear, my assessment is objective and focused on what would be good for the community, not for the satisfaction of my personal desires.

Perhaps realizing my wish for her not to become a Guardian, since she was a child I have watched her stubbornly prepare herself to become the best archer our community has ever seen. She even developed an unprecedented technique involving the firing of two (and sometimes three!) arrows at the same time, with perfect accuracy.

All her preparation worked, and today I have no arguments to present against her nomination as Guardian. The results of her physical assessment speak for themselves. All measurements were taken in the presence of supervisors and colleagues, who were as impressed as I was with the ability demonstrated by the examinee.

With the alarming expansion of Wasteland, now knocking at our door, and the gradual growth in the number of beasts and aberrations who leave that place to attack our world, Niary would be able to offer an invaluable service to our community, so I recommend her approval.

If you allow me to make one more recommendation, or rather, a request that depends on your confidence in the truth of my words: I would like to be Niary’s mentor during the first steps of her journey.

The long time we have known each other allows us to communicate quickly; sometimes, only one quick glance is enough for us to understand each other. More than that, she respects me, and, additionally, respects the Guardian position.

Niary perfectly embodies the spirit of our ancestors, exercising her tasks with sobriety, pride, and, above all, the predominance of reason over emotion. The accumulation of the apprentice and foster-daughter function, in Niary’s case, will not do any harm to our respectable elite group; quite the opposite.


Dympna Hotuaekhaashtait.

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