Tanares Adventures

Tanares Adventures – Meet The World

“The Empire is not all that exists in Tanares.”

The Heroes who put an end to both the Eternal Storm and the Wasteland are again in an Arena. This time, though, they have come not to fight, but to be honored. It´s the inauguration of the Arena of Future, the biggest ever — the Empire’s effort to spread its influence to the other side of the continent.

The Heroes who saved the world from the last crisis were invited as guests of honor. The crowd cheers and yells as the Heroes approach the center stage to greet the hundreds of thousands filling the seats.

The clean, smooth battleground, without a single mar or bloodstain, is an odd sight. Strategically located and built on high ground, the Arena’s western section has a gorgeous opening through which attendants can see everything ahead and below, from the neighboring hills to the western ocean, where the sunset can be seen for the first time in centuries.

Suddenly, the ovation gives way to noisy screams and terrified eyes. The celebration is over. The crowd starts to get out of control. 

Ships on the horizon. Dozens and dozens of them, coming from the West, and berthing. The noises get deafening as one thing is certain: these ships are not Tanarian. There is something besides and beyond the Empire.

Now, not only many of the world´s best fighters, but even the Emperor himself, are missing — presumed dead. The Empire is at war but without its army or leader.

Is there an unknown civilization beyond the vast western ocean? Could the bloodshed caused by this invasion trigger another Malrokian Curse? Why are these invaders not on a peaceful mission, and why are some Tanarians suddenly in favor of them? And as players worry about these questions, will the gigantic Titan that swiftly emerged from the turbulent sea appear again?

Since you won´t be able to simply charge at the overwhelming enemy forces, you must craft a complex plan that requires the participation of two teams and prepare its many parts, adapting to the surprises that await you along the way.

With a lengthier and more developed story — and a way to read it quickly — Tanares Adventures uses this unique, rich universe to bring a much deeper story to the table, with thousands of decisions to make and hundreds of Quests to unveil and play. 

Tanares Adventures uses the highly praised concept of alternate endings embraced by Arena: The Contest and takes it further, with alternate campaign beginnings, alternate relationship statuses with City Structures that you can help upgrade in exchange for more variety in the ways you level up, alternate levels of relationships with NPCs, and alternate paths you can follow with two teams in Sidequests and Main Quests.

Journey through a semi-open world where you can play hundreds of Quests, with stories dedicated to developing every playable character — even those that do not make it to your Epic Campaign team, as they can become allies and assets that you can control when you want to take a break from your main Hero. 

Your actions have consequences not only for the game but also for how subsequent Quests will play out and the Facts of the Story itself, guaranteeing dozens — if not hundreds — of hours of enjoyment.