Arena: The Contest

Arena: The Contest – Miniatures

Arena: The Contest is an immersive game experience, and the key lies in the astonishing set of miniatures that bring the world of Tanares to life in your play sessions. Each mini is a premium quality product made of durable material and professionally designed with a high level of detail, making them perfect not only for players but also for collectors and hobbyist painters. 

The Heroes of Arena(core box), color-coded for each Combat Role, ready to rumble!
Legendary Box Heroes bring different and unique Heroes, including the Bruiser Combat Role that is not part of the core box, and two very rareminis: Harun the Shapeshifter, and the Emperor with his tiger. The variety lets you make thousands of different teams and create countless new combos.
Outstanding, high-quality 3D scenery will steal the spotlight on any table, whether you use it in Dragori’s games or in others(including the world’s greatest roleplaying game).
Heroes can never have enough challenges. Spice up your adventures with Villain miniatures you can use in an Epic Campaign or in our RPG setting, where some of them are not just foes, but fully developed NPCs.
You’ll also find some of the biggest and baddest Bosses ever included in a board game, for memorable showdowns.
Miniature scale for comparison