Sedrik’s Story – Introduction

Full Moon werewolf Sedrik attacking

How far would you go for the chance to revive your family?

Sedrik Ellhölme was a hustling merchant traveler who faced the dangers of the road with his wife and daughters.

One day, his haste and recklessness brought his caravan close to a very dangerous place. In an event surrounded by mystery, his whole family died, and Sedrik became a werewolf. About that event, Sedrik has only fragments of memory – or are they the daydreams of a mad man?

Depressed and desperate, Sedrik embarked on a suicide mission: he started to donate his newly acquired and superhuman skills in the Imperial Capital, to any team willing to accept him. His goal: to conquer the Champion’s Boon, granted by the Empire to any Hero who reaches fifteen consecutive victories in the biggest, most dangerous Arena in the world. The Champion’s Boon is the last lint of hope of an increasingly mad and wild man, as Sedrik hopes to revive his family with it.

In the midst of this violent and painful journey, Sedrik still tries to mount the puzzle of his past, but this task is more difficult with each passing day, as he is gradually losing his memory and sanity. Inside himself, Wolf is winning the battle against Man.

Arena: the Contest Brute Combat Role symbol

The following texts and documents are pieces of this puzzle that might never be assembled. They tell part of the story of one of History’s most memorable heroes – no one who watched Sedrik fight will ever be able to forget him.


[1] Memorandum Circular Nº 02/166. Reginheraht Magic Research Tower. (coming soon)
[2] Newspaper article, from the Goldraft’s Weekly Beacon. (coming soon)
[3] Travel Journal unearthed in the Goldraft Peninsula. (coming soon)
[4] ???????? (coming soon)

(a) Imperial Decree n. 03 – Establishes the Champion’s Boon (coming soon)
(b) Essay on Life and Death: Resurrection through Arcanae. Magic and Science magazine. (coming soon)

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