Garion’s Story – Introduction

Garion the Rogue holding a rapier

Garion is a man of humble origins; abandoned by his parents, he was raised by an owner of clandestine Arenas, where he learned to fight1.

He had no money, but he had a father, and a bride he loved. All seemed to go his way, until his fiancée suddenly vanished. Soon afterwards, a major imperial operation to shut clandestine Arenas resulted in the brutal murder of his father.

Garion started to fight in legal Arenas. His exceptional charm, tactical vision and agility made him a very popular fighter in Ayefall City2, where he attends major social events to strike other targets: men he steals and women he seduces3.

One day, during an important investigation about the events of his past, he came across a powerful group4 that captured and recruited him for a job he could not refuse5.

All the answers about his past and projects for his future depend on the success of this mission, but the unexpected intervention of one Assassin can ruin all his plans …6

Arena: the Contest Tactician Combat Role symbol


[0] Prologue

[1] Letter from Cheryl to Garion. Written in Summer 74th, Imperial Age 153.

[2] Ayefall’s Daily Inquirer. Winter Edition 38th, 166. (coming soon)

[3] Meeting with a telepath. Winter 90th, 166. Governor’s Palace. Ayefall. (coming soon)

[4] Lilium Sauna Club. Twosday, 4:00am. Year 167. (coming soon)

[5] Recruitment. Interview. Transcription. Agent -Provisional- ‘G’. (coming soon)

[6] Billiards Castle, 4th floor. Dining Hall. (coming soon)

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