Combat Roles – Introduction

Esteemed potential recruiter,

I’ve come to offer you my scouting services.

As a former ‘scrubber’, cleaning Arena battlefields of corpses and other stuff better left undescribed, I’ve watched countless Arena fights.

Back in the day, we only saw shields and swords on the battlefield, but nowadays Teams are much smarter and sophisticated. They started to recruit experts in surprising areas, like ‘quick healing’, or ‘rapier-wielding’.

Each expert would then be assigned a specific position and role on the battle. Patterns of performance emerged. Great combinations between diverse battle functions were found, and a New Era began.

Arena Boardgame Combat Roles Symbols

I was the first to study and categorize the SEVEN BATTLE ROLES, and I will explain them to you in three levels: Amateur, Expert and Master.

You can already take a look at a quick report about each battle role’s characteristics clicking over their titles in our Gallery of Heroes.

You can already take a look at my first scouting report!

Choose your Team wisely!

– Ben “One-eyed” Mopp


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