Brutes – Scouting Report – Amateur

Arena Scouting - Amateur

Esteemed recruiter,

My next scouting report (read my previous presentation here) contains what can only be described as a special category of fighter. They’re not just strong. They’re not just merciless. They’re BRUTE.


Their color is the color of anger. The color of passion. The color of blood:


Their battle behavior is pretty simple: reach the enemy as fast as you can, hit them as hard as you can, and mind about nothing else. 

I don’t think a human will ever be able to assume the role of Brute. It requires inhuman strenght and no fear of pain and death. I’ve only seen ungodly beasts assuming this role, and once an Orc, carrying an axe, was strong and accurate enough to be a Brute in the Arena. But that was all.

Brute Werewolf versus Vampire in Black and White
I’ve never seen TWO Brutes fighting one another – and I’m totally OK with that.

 If you think the opposing team will spread their combatants to make ranged attacks against you, having a Brute on your side might help a lotbecause, to them, no target is juicier than a flimsy, unprotected, isolated ranged combatant.

This ends my Amateur Scouting Tips for the Brute Combat Role. Keep in touch and subscribe to my services to learn more.

– Ben ‘One-Eyed’ Mopp

P.S.: What would you like to be added to the info above? Based solely on their picture, which Brute would you like to fight for you?

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