Ascaran’s Lore – Introduction

Ascaran, Archangel Hero from Arena: the Contest


Ascaran is a legendary character from the Holy Scriptures. Almost everyone knows his history, repeatedly told for hundreds of generations and strongly influential on Tanarian society. [1]

Legend has it that he was the strict and inclement leader of a community of Archangels, immemorial inhabitants of Tanares. When one of the Archangels in his community showed sympathy for Bauronian creations, putting their Kingdom in danger, Ascaran punished her severely, relegating his loving origin and nature, in an act that became known as ‘The Abomination’. [2]

This act resulted in Ascaran’s imprisonment, condemned to live in solitary confinement in a hidden dungeon. According to legend, millennia after Ascaran’s imprisonment, a Human chosen by the Gods would be able to overcome such dungeon’s obstacles and traps, temporarily freeing Ascaran from prison. [3]

The definitive lifting of the divine curse depends on the eternal sealing of a Portal to the Infernal Plane, of which Ascaran is Guardian. To achieve this, he must defeat his mortal enemy: the demon Vanarus… [4]

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