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(FDD: Father of the Dumbs Dictionary, with examples gathered in Tanarian literature. 32nd edition. Vol. 01 – ‘A to F’. p. 129).


asbestus (ăs-bĕs′təs)

1. Soft, chemically resistant, incombustible, greyish-white mineral, commonly used in heat-resistant materials employed in places like furnaces. – It was an ironic coincidence when the City found an asbestus mine the day after the great fire.

1. Containing, or made of, the mineral form of the same name. (also: asbestine, asbestic) – The firefighter wore asbestus gloves as a protective measure.


ascaran (əs-kärŭn)

1. Inclemency, strictness. – The Emperor manifested ascaran when the felons asked for the death sentence to be pardoned.
2. A bad situation derived from good intentions. – The journalist assigned to report the ascaran managed to interview the man who killed four people in an effort to save his parrot.

1. Excessively rigorous in the imposition of discipline. – The ascaran boss fired his employee without cause; the employee got home and was ascaran with his wife; the wife got ascaran with their son. Having no authority over anyone, the kid was ascaran with his dog, punishing it for peeing too much – on the correct spot.


ascared (ə-skârd′)

1. Scared, afraid, frightened. – The professor took thirty minutes to explain the history behind the attachment of the prefix ‘a’ to past participles. I left the class ‘a-scared’ about the upcoming exam.


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