Minor Arenas and Rankings (II)

Faceless Glorious Emperor of Tanares

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In Imperial Age’s early years, the Emperor faced problems in administering Provinces and Cities far from the Capital. The Ironhand was still small, and segments of the nobility resisted the idea of concentrating powers in the Emperor’s hands.

Everything became easier when the Emperor decided to decentralize the administration, forging alliances with powerful families.

Faceless Glorious Emperor of Tanares
His subordinates call him The Glorious Emperor. People also call him “Faceless Emperor”, as his face hides behind a mask for decades now.

He granted them the license to build and govern Regional Arenas. They would have jurisdiction over a small determined territory, being responsible for solving minor conflicts there.


Annually, the Empire publishes an update to the “Ranking of Minor Arenas“. The ranking determines the territorial scope of the Arenas and the resources transferred to the region each one belongs, being critical to improve their security and infrastructure.

The “Duchy Arenas“, run by a Ruler, are the smallest, and cannot resolve conflicts that extend beyond the frontier of ducats or city where they were built. Above them are the “County Arenas“, run by a Commander.

When a conflict is too important for a Duchy Arena, or the dispute goes beyond the territorial boundary of a duchy, the fighting takes place in a County Arena.

At the top of the ranking among the minor arenas, with competence to resolve conflicts of great magnitude (within provincial limits), are the “Provincial Arenas“. Their administrator receives the title of Governor.

Above them all, only the Arena of Fate, in the Imperial Capital: the first, largest, best equipped. Its combats settle major conflicts that ultimately shape the history – and future – of Tanares.

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