The World of Tanares – Geography

World Map of Tanares, the setting of Arena: the Contest


Tanares is the name given to the World due to the influence of the Holy Scriptures, an ancient document that explains the Creation of the World by the hands of the Gods, Bauron and Tamera (see ‘Religion’).


Cardinal Points

Tanarians don’t know the true extent of the world, because inhospitable regions limit human exploration in all cardinal points:

  • To the SOUTH, a desertic and volcanic region that becomes too hot after a certain point (Tsvetan and Ubel Provinces);
  • To the EAST, a mountain range that forms insurmountable walls (Yama Province);
  • To the WEST, the great Tanarian Western Sea, where a terrible and incessant storm prevents ships from navigating far from the coast (Barkarna and Outumn Provinces).
  • To the NORTH, a glacial region that gets colder as you distance yourself from the south (Stravian, Ben’net and Reginheraht Provinces);

World Map of Tanares, the setting of Arena: the Contest
Tanares – The World Map (stratospheric clean view variation)

The Central Sea

The Tanarian Central Sea, which extends from North to South and East to West, divides the continent. It is common to hear phrases that use it as a major point of division in the world (e.g. “We serve the best salad on this side of the Sea“; “I got a job on the other side of the Sea“; “He is the fastest swordsman of the West“).

Given the eternal storm in the Western Sea, and the proximity to the densely populated Capital Province, the ports and naval industry are better developed around the Central Sea (which is actually a gigantic lake) than on the coast bathed by the Ocean.

Geomorphological events

Tanares is marked by many geographical phenomena that impress by their beauty and magnitude. History claims that the most influential ones, heavily distorting the laws of physics and nature, were the result of divine punishment against the violence of War (see ‘Malrokian Curse’):

  • Summer Island, which emerged amidst the icy lands of Reginheraht’s North Province;
  • Yama Bunkatsu, a gigantic Mountain split in half by a canyon of epic proportions;
  • Wasteland, a recent and devastating phenomenon that deserves a separate topic.

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